In a connected world information is free, however, best in class solutions require deep knowledge,  experience and expertise from multiple sources. With our unique open architecture model we bring together world class talent, expertise and experience that deliver the deep knowledge and results our clients need, exactly when they need it.

Our leadership team cuts through the noise and disparity common in solving risk management issues to deliver clear, bespoke risk solutions that go to the heart of achieving our clients specific needs, goals and desire to optimize risk/reward opportunities.


We seek to become the preferred bespoke risk advisory and solutions provider for the real estate and infrastructure industry. We integrate into our clients’ own business risk strategy and culture to deliver thoughtful, measured, considerate solutions from within, which facilitates implementation, reduces costs, delay and disruptions commonly associated with risk management.


Each interaction with our clients is as unique as their business models, we develop risk solutions that take our clients business model, culture, place in the market, business and risk management objectives into full consideration at every interaction, every time, always! We seek to enable our clients in the pursuit of their goals and objectives by reducing and removing uncertainty of outcomes at each intersection of the risk/reward nexus.


Tania Caceres | Principal
Tania Caceres | Principal
Tania is a senior risk management expert with over 20 years’ experience advising institutional and private clients. She specializes in the development and implementation of cross-functional integrated risk management solutions specifically for ownership, development, investment, and property and asset management of real estate properties and infrastructure assets in every class. With a background of working specifically for public and private equity investors, she has unique global expertise to help clients achieve their business objectives, optimize opportunities, manage and mitigate risk as they seek to grow and protect the value of their investments in any jurisdiction. More
Patrick Doig | Principal
Patrick Doig | Principal
Patrick has over 30 years’ experience in the Property Casualty Insurance Industry, serving clients both as a senior underwriter and as a licensed commercial insurance broker. Patrick provides advice on risk identification and prioritization, risk analytics and valuation, insurance linked securities, strategy and governance related to the use of formalized self-insurance structures, the development of bespoke insurance products and Director Services. Patrick heads up Risk Nexus (Barbados) where alternative risk financing solutions are sourced to meet our client’s needs. More


With the deep knowledge of our team of Principals and Project Partners we develop and deliver risk management strategy and solutions for the real estate and infrastructure investment sector that are uniquely designed, developed and implemented withing three areas of focus:
Risk Management Strategy

Helping our clients identify, understand and mitigate risks that impact the success of their business objectives, including strategies for: Legal, Jurisdictional, Contractual, Tax, Safety, Regulatory, Insurance, Sustainability, Climate and ESG (Environmental, Social, Government) Risks

Reducing Unexpected and Unwanted Volatility

We work with our clients to reduce unexpected or unwanted volatility to expected results by employing holistic risk assessments, developing robust and creative risk mitigation strategies and developing risk financing mechanisms, including insurance and alternative risk transfers, to support implementation of their business strategies.

Bridging the Gap

We help clients bridge the gap between operational risk and their business objectives by reducing volatility inherent in any business transaction, including contractual arrangements, errors in execution and delivery by partners and suppliers, insurance disputes and errors or omissions which have the potential to impair the long term value of investments and create fiduciary liabilities.


Risk Nexus Project Partners come from diverse backgrounds including academia, government, law, technology and business, each possessing their own specialized skill set, experience and expertise in their chosen area of risk management, and their own network or resources. This model enables us to undertake projects of any scope, size and complexity with deep knowledge and ample resources.

We select and engage with the best and most experienced teams of risk practitioners in our industry to deliver our solutions effectively and efficiently.

Our unique service model actively promotes “open architecture” resource deployment, which means we introduce the most relevant Risk Nexus Project Partners to our clients when needed and thus avoid the need to load salary overhead costs for resources that are not being utilized and also avoid using under qualified junior talent.

We engage Risk Nexus Project Partners on a project fee sharing basis, through a Project Partner Agreement, creating a true partnership and project team with “skin in the game” which contributes to the success of each project, the delivery of our high standards for client service and overall best outcome for our clients.

Each of our projects is lead by a Risk Nexus Principal, who has the prerequisite expertise and understanding of the project’s goals and objectives and supported by our in-house project coordinators. No detail is left to chance and the level of expertise deployed are world class.

If your organization would like more information on becoming a Risk Nexus Project Partner please contact Risk Nexus by email at info@risknexus.com or use the contact form below.


Risk Nexus was founded with the belief that many risk issues can be avoided and reputation integrity can be enhanced to become a brand asset with a focused and strategic approach to risk management. “Cookie cutter” or “one size fits” all risk management solutions often fail because they don’t contemplate the universe of issues and decisions that an organization’s leadership must undertake to succeed.
Our service goals are to deliver only those resources and solutions that are relevant in context of your organizational objectives and challenges, never losing sight of our responsibility to support and enhance the achievement of each of our client’s business objectives. We seek to be leaders, impeccable in our expertise and to add value to clients and project partners on every opportunity and at every turn.


Our clients are organization that invest in, build, develop, operate or manage:
Land and real property investments

Infrastructure projects

Renewable and non-renewable resource companies

Our clients include Small and Large Cap Pension Funds, Private Equity Investors, Fiduciary Investors, Asset Managers and REIT’s in Canada, Europe and the United States.


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Risk | Reward

Through the effective leveraging of our network we deliver best in class solutions to optimize the risk reward nexus, developing solutions that easily integrate into our clients’ business culture and existing frameworks.
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